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RE:Salsa token and privacy

> You can still use SSH to do repository operation.  But I don't know what
> kind of automation you are doing.

I just want to configure CI parameters especially the .gitlab.yaml location used by the CI.
for a bunch of packages.

> You talked about automation.  Such tasks usualy run on a pre-defined
> system.  So I don't know why you need to have the credentials for this
> task on many computers.

At my work, I need to used different public computer located at different locations. I do notwork only fromon computer.
this is why I like a lot the GPG key solution.

> You can always use the encryption key functionality to decrypt the
> token.

ok, so now i just need to store the encrypted token :).
I already do this via propellor in order to checkout private repository on another gitlab instance.
But my question was more about using the API to do configuration, not only retrieving public informations.