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Browserified copy and DFSG


They are a few package that FTBFS due to lack of browserify under debian [1]

The most significant point is to render javadoc FTBFS due to lack of
browserified version of pako a port of zlib to javascript.

I plan to upload browserify soon but browserify is blocked by:
* node-insert-module-globals in NEWS (prod ftpmaster)
* node-has-object-spread not yet packaged (i plan to do it)
* node-has-template-literals not yet packaged (i plan to do it)

Browserify (or webpack) is a static compiler for javascript. I believe
that we must use built-using field in order to be policy compliant.

I can output a list of javascript module (or file installed in the
tree) but I lack the
 debhelper skill needed to output automatically built-using.

Can somebody help me ?


[1] For an approximation see
that also include webpack