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Re: Questions about packaging systemd unit files

Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> Finally, if I have a systemd timer file, as well as a crontab entry,
> what is the recommended way to decide whether to install/use the
> crontab versus the timer unit file?

Unfortunately, there isn't a clean mechanism for that. For systemd unit files,
systemd's built-in support for sysvinit scripts automatically ignores a
sysvinit script if a corresponding unit file exists, which means you can just
install a sysvinit script and a native unit and the latter will supersede the
former. However, systemd doesn't have built-in support for cron files;
systemd-cron exists, and implements a mechanism to mask cron files if a
corresponding systemd timer file exists, but that assumes the use of
systemd-cron, which doesn't get installed by default, and it isn't obvious if
it's production-ready.

(Note that putting a line in your cron entry to exit if under systemd still
means cron needs to go run that script and have it exit, which is not ideal.)