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Re: Questions about packaging systemd unit files

On Aug 05, "Theodore Y. Ts'o" <tytso@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> 1) Am I right in understanding that after modifying or adding any
>    systemd unit or timer files, I must run "systemctl daemon-reload"?

> 2) How is this supposed to be done as part of a debian package
>    install?  Should the package maintainer scripts do this in, say,
>    the package's postinst file?
Yes, but dh_installsystemd will do it for you.

> 3) Should the maintainer scripts call "systemctl daemon-reload"
>    directly or is there some way that changes to systemd unit files
>    are batched so a single "systemctl daemon-reload" is called when
>    dpkg install run is completed?
I am not sure that there would be any point in batching changes since 
daemon-reload is very cheap on normal systems (e.g. without many 
thousands of units).
But anyway, just use dh_installsystemd.


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