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Re: unstable -> testing migration and arch

Hi Frederic-Emmanuel,

On 03-08-18 13:40, PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel wrote:
> I just updated the pymca package and this new version dependes on the python[3]-silx modules.
> silx depends on pyopenCL which is only available on a limited amount of architecture.
> So now the migration of pymca is blocked because it doe not build on arch it previously built.
> I am wondering if britney could not take this into account when evaluating a package, and could
> automatically reduce the list of arch for the pymca package due to this new build dependency.
> right ? or I am missing something ?

It could. But at the risk there is some mistake involved, or that the
maintainer wasn't aware of it and can work around the issue (can't you?
Is upstream aware of this limitation?). Also, removing software from an
architecture isn't particularly nice, so it should be a manual action
from the maintainer. Please request your package to be removed from the
arch it doesn't build for anymore (bug against ftp.debian.org, use
reportbug) in unstable and britney will migrate that.


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