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Re: SALSA migration of XML/SGML packages (sgml-data for me)

[dropping individual email addresses]

Osamu Aoki <osamu@xxxxxxxxxx> 于2018年7月8日周日 下午10:21写道:
> Hi,
> I am wondering what is happening with XML/SGML packages.
> I am doing SALSA migration and I realized I need to RFA or Orphan some
> of my packages.  Specifically:
>  sgml-data
>  debiandoc-sgml
>  debiandoc-sgml-doc
>  debiandoc-sgml-pt-br
> All debiandoc-sgml* packages can be almost safely set to Orphan path.
> (Maybe not for buster but after buster. Debian Policy doesn't use this
> any more.  I will take care them if needed.)
> But sgml-data has too many packages depending on it and it is best to
> hand this package to a right person.
> This sgml-data is SGML package so it is most appropriate to be taken
> care by people who were on Debian XML/SGML Group
> <debian-xml-sgml-pkgs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.  I think this is
> unreachable email address by now.  Listing this as maintainer address
> may be RC bug.  That is why I am writing to
> debian-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx while CCing recent uploaders of these
> packages to be sure.  Many important packages list this email address.

I remember that the whole Debian XML/SGML Group is already dead with the last
member retiring several years ago. I can't find the retirement email now but
that did happen before. I believe those infrastracture really needs some

Boyuan Yang