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Re: Please remove your obsolete repos from alioth *NOW*

Hello Alexander,

On Wed, May 30 2018, Alexander Wirt wrote:

> we still have 175GiB git repos left on alioth. Please remove them
> asap.

Thank you for your efforts in this area.

I take it we should leave repos on alioth when their Vcs-* headers have
not been updated in unstable?  Or are you saying that as many repos as
possible should be removed (i.e. all those that have been migrated to
salsa, whether or not they've been uploaded), because the archival
address is going to be different anyway?

What I'm asking is, what exactly is the meaning of 'obsolete'?  I looked
at your previous d-d-a posting and it does not really say.  It would be
great if you could make your request a little more precise.

>     282.1MiB [## ] /debconf-share.git

I don't know who is responsible for this repo, but it is used to power
the videos archive, IIRC.  So it should probably be archived until the
person who runs that service wakes up :)

>     1.4GiB [ ] /pkg-mozext

Just to note that the pkg-mozext repos *should* be archived rather than
moved to salsa -- they are for xul- extensions, but our new group is for
webext- extensions only.  This is because xul- extensions will only work
for a few more months.  But we should keep the git history archived

Sean Whitton