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Re: make compilation not so gray

On 26/05/18 12:28, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:
On 26/05/18 00:21, Adam Borowski wrote:
It might be good to pipe output through ansi2txt
Thank you so much for alerting me to ansi2txt. Given the miserable failure of some command line tool authors to contemplate terminal background colours other than black, I have had to endure all manner of workarounds. One investigation revealed ANSI sequences hardcoded in the source with no way to turn them off. The horror. In my view, colour output should not be the default. Anyone who causes yellow or light green or, worst of all, white text to be displayed on a white background should be dealt with by the a11y police.

Exhibit A: dpkg-buildpackage (attached). This was just the one in front of me. There are many more. I should start a collection. I have "export TERM=xterm-mono" in my ~/.bashrc.

Another offender is megatools, because who doesn't like progress bars with hardcoded ANSI sequences for white and yellow foreground regardless of background?:

What's a termcap?

An appropriate penalty for careless use of ANSI sequences would be for offenders to be required to include this in their ~/.bashrc for two years:

echo -en "\e]10;black\x7\e]11;black\x7"

I think we need an EU Directive.

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