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Re: make compilation not so gray

Guus Sliepen <guus@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Even more helpful would be to NOT display anything irrelevant. When a
> package fails to build, I am generally only interested in the error
> message, not everything that led up to it, because up until the error
> message everything went fine, and the likelyhood that there was any
> valuable information up to that point is very small. And, since builds
> should be reproducible, once I know there is an error I can probably
> start a rebuild myself with all debugging output enabled if I'd think
> that would help.

For Debian buildds, I really want the full log, because for failures on
some architecture I don't personally have, it's so, so much easier to see
the full compilation command line with all of its flags and so forth.
Often I can fix the problem without needing access to the architecture,
which saves a lot of time messing about with porter boxes and setting up a
proper build environment there.

It would be great to be able to automatically distinguish between
important stuff and noise and provide both views, although given the wide
variety of different tools we use, it's probably not possible in general.
But things like this may be a nice solution for the 80% case.

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