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Re: Want to make salsa advertise contact and source code details

Ian Jackson writes ("Want to make salsa advertise contact and source code details"):
>  https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/support/issues/77
>    Please provide web page footer on every page with service information
> In response to the latter, Alexander Wirt writes:
>   Unless this is possible without patching, this will not happen.

I did a trivial web search and found this
and reported that in the ticket.

Alexander Wirt tells me that that feature is "EE only", ie AIUI
that the Gitlab company have kept that feature proprietary.

That means our choices are:

(i) Reimplement this feature in full and carry it indefinitely.

(ii) Implement the footer as a hardcoded change, where the footer is
   not configurable but is simply in the source code to our version.

(iii) Leave things as they are, with no references to what the service
   is, who runs it, how to report issues, and to its source code.

(iv) Beg the Gitlab company (and/or say we will do (i), as a kind of

I think (iii) is not tolerable indefinitely.  (i) is obviously better
but more work.  I don't feel able to insist that the Debian Salsa team
do (i).  (iv) is quite unpalatable.

So I think (ii) is the right answer.

Would someone please point me to the source code of Salsa's actual
running gitlab instance ?  I imagine doing (ii) will be a simple edit
to a fairly global template file or something.


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