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Re: Bug#864354: Bug #864354 in <somepkg> marked as pending


On Thu, May 24 2018, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I realise I am clearly some kind of antediluvian throwback, but: using
> the issue tracker means running a massive pile of javascript, and then
> creating an account.  So people who have not already paid that price
> might prefer an email address.
> Also, sometimes one might have a question which is not clearly an
> "issue" in the sense that it should be in the issue tracker, or where
> some discussion is needed to refine it, or where maybe the matter
> needs to be confidential, or somethig.
> Or maybe using a web issue tracker is not convenient right now.  (For
> example, an email can be drafted offline or when the connectivity is
> very poor.  Filling in a web form and trying to submit it over a train
> wifi, say, is not usually wise.)
> So I think we should advertise both.

Thank you for advocating on behalf of users who are not in a position to
use the web form, Ian.

Sean Whitton