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Re: Bug#864354: Bug #864354 in <somepkg> marked as pending

Mattia Rizzolo writes ("Re: Bug#864354: Bug #864354 in <somepkg> marked as pending"):
> On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 12:33:23PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > [Mattia:]
> > > General salsa support is documented in the salsa docs.
> > > https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/support
> > 
> > That's an issue tracker.  DYK if there is an email address I can
> > suggest in my MR to advertise, alongside the issue tracker ?
> I'm sure there is one, but I'm quite positive you should generally
> prefer a public issue tracker rather than an email alias...
> (my own opinion at least).

I realise I am clearly some kind of antediluvian throwback, but:
using the issue tracker means running a massive pile of javascript,
and then creating an account.  So people who have not already paid
that price might prefer an email address.

Also, sometimes one might have a question which is not clearly an
"issue" in the sense that it should be in the issue tracker, or where
some discussion is needed to refine it, or where maybe the matter
needs to be confidential, or somethig.

Or maybe using a web issue tracker is not convenient right now.  (For
example, an email can be drafted offline or when the connectivity is
very poor.  Filling in a web form and trying to submit it over a train
wifi, say, is not usually wise.)

So I think we should advertise both.

> The email address is also (although badly) documented in the salsa doc
> https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc (really, read it :P)
>     salsa-admin@xxxxxxxxxx

Under "Runners" which is something to do with "shared runners".
I have no idea what even.

If I look under "Getting Help" I am directed to
has a tiny section suggesting to badger people on irc.

I know it's a wiki and I could jut fix it, but as I'm not one of the
people involved, I'm a bit loathe to just spray the team email address

Thanks for your understanding.


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