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Re: Bug#864354: Bug #864354 in <somepkg> marked as pending

<contributor> writes ("Bug#864354: Bug #864354 in <somepkg> marked as pending"):
> Control: tag -1 pending
> Hello,
> Bug #864354 in <somepkg> reported by you has been fixed in the
> Git repository and is awaiting an upload. You can see the commit
> message below, and you can check the diff of the fix at:
> https://salsa.debian.org/debian/<somepkg>/commit/72e90fe24b196f7b479e3b4a9c25d02a823f8824

These messages are useful.  However:

(i) There is a spurious space between `Bug' and `#' in the
gitlab-generated Subject line, which leads to the BTS adding a second
copy of the bug number.

> (this message was generated automatically)

(ii) I went to report the above.  But the message does not say who is
responsible for the automation that generated it.

(iii) When I went to salsa.debian.org to try to find where to report
both of these things, there did not seem to be any contact details:


I hope the relevant people are reading debian-devel...


(Actual package name, and identity of salsa committer to it, elided
from this message, as I don't want to distract.  I have deliberately
left in the bug number, so I know I haven't made their identity

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