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Re: Bug#899058: ITP: domoticz -- Home automation system

Hello Federico Ceratto,

On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 07:33:21PM +0100, Federico Ceratto wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: Federico Ceratto <federico@xxxxxxxxxx>
> * Package name    : domoticz
> The package will be maintained at https://salsa.debian.org/debian/domoticz

Thanks for packaging domoticz. I've not used it myself but I hear good
things about it and think it'll be a great addition to the debian

I had a quick look at the packaging bits in your git repo and
have some questions and comments. Maybe something can be useful
for you, but maybe not. Anyway...

I see you're using alot of the security features in your service file,
great! I wish more packages where better at using these features.

I can't help but wonder though if it's not possible for you to use
DynamicUser=yes ?
You seem to already use some of the strict limitations implied by
DynamicUser=yes anyway. Using it would allow you to get away without
creating a static system user for your service, but your service
also won't be able to create any persistent files (which I don't know
if you might need).

You also added a 'default' file. Personally I think the only good usage
for a default file is with init scripts. Unless I missed something
you seem to not have any init script so I don't think that argument
applies here. Thus I'd suggest you switch from EnvironmentFile to
plainly setting the variables via Environment=. That way users
can easily ports via 'systemctl edit ...' the same way they would
override any other thing in the service. (Fwiw, I think splitting
out the port numbers to an environment variable like you did
can be useful even when not using a default file. If the ExecStart
line is long and has many different arguments overriding the entire
line completely for just a simple port change might be suboptimal
for upgrades where you might add, remove or change another unrelated
command line argument. Thus being able to just override the environment
variable is safer.)

Not really willing to take on any (co-)maintainership, but if there's
a limited task you think I can help out with don't be shy to ask.
(Ofcourse since I'm not a user myself, yet, I'll need help from someone
who is to test whatever I implement though.....)

Andreas Henriksson

PS. You already seem to be very well versed with systemd services but in
case you're not already familiar with DynamicUser=yes information about
it can be found, except from the systemd documentation ofcourse, at