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Re: [1/2] MBF: Defunct alioth addresses in the Maintainer: field (serious)

Dominic Hargreaves wrote...

> Thanks for doing this detailed work - which is very timely and important
> to ensure that communication paths within Debian remain open.

Yeah, unfortunately other things have been blocking my spare spare time
so this took *much* longer than wished. But here we go ...

> > The first option is probably suitable only if the address was used just
> > in a small number of packages since this requires an upload for each of
> > them. To our knowledge, the usage count of [% alioth_list %] is [% count %].
> I think I would leave it to package maintainers to decide whether they
> think uploads of all packages are practical or not.

My intention was to give the maintainers an idea whether "new upload" is
feasible. In my opinion, I'd go this way and avoid all other hazzle if
the number is below ten - but that decision is indeed to them.

> Also it might be be worth referring to the other options for team
> addresses, even if they are imperfect:
> https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/AliothMigration#Import_mailing_list

Thanks for this and all other suggestions, now added.

> > Affected packages below, as created by dd-list. The total count is 711
> Since the number of bugs is pretty large, I think it would be best to
> file these in batches.

Probably the right thing. I'll start with the "uploaders" batch, just
some twelve packages left, in an hour or so. The "maintainer" package
count is down to 544.


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