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Re: Explaining Debian's approach to QA

Jose Miguel Parrella Romero writes ("Explaining Debian's approach to QA"):
> Over the last few months, I've found myself struggling to find a simple
> way to describe our approach to QA to friends and colleagues. I reached
> out to lamby a week or so ago and he suggested I brought it to -devel.

Thanks for working on this.  It sounds interesting.

I gave a talk internally at my employer, about decisionmaking in Free
Software[1] projects, aimed primarily at managers.  It focused on the
Xen Project rather than Debian and of course QA is not the same as
governance, but it covered what is parhaps some of the same ground,
and might provide useful snippers.  I will ask if I can share it with
you, if you like.  (I have a script, and slides.)