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Re: Firefox 60esr on Stretch ?

Hideki Yamane <henrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
>  Firefox60 needs rustc (>= 1.24) to be built but rustc in stretch is 1.14.
>  rustc (>= 1.24) needs llvm-4.0 and cargo but it is not in stretch...
>  - add llvm-4.0 and cargo to stretch
>  - backport rustc
>  - rebuild build-depends: rustc packages?
>  - firefox-esr 60 to stretch

I've started to look into this; I have created a llvm-4.0 build
for stretch and build a bootstrap build of rustc 1.24 against it.
Those two went fine.

However cargo's bootstrap is broken ATM which will need fixing (and
it also requires a more recent libgit than we have in stretch).