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Re: Bug#895246: gconf: Intent to Adopt

On Sun, May 13, 2018 at 03:18:04PM -0400, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
By the way, I did announce the gconf removal on this list in February.
[1] Respectfully, you are the only one complaining about gconf's

At least here, or to you, or via a "proper channel". I grumble under my
breath continually about the churn rate of GNOME-related packages and
technologies, and marvel when I can run an old win32 binary flawlessly
on a modern Windows¹ machine.

The standard riposte at this point is "we are all volunteers". And here
we have Adrian volunteering.

¹ Although I was recently disappointed to discover win16 finally stopped
 working with the move to 64 bit.


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