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Re: [1/2] MBF: Defunct alioth addresses in the Maintainer: field (serious)

2018-05-05 17:34 GMT+02:00 Christoph Biedl <debian.axhn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> A lot of now defunct alioth addresses are used in the Maintainer:
> field. This makes the packages rc-buggy for an invalid address.


> To create awareness about that issue, also to provide suggestions on
> how to resolve this I intend to do a MBF using the following message:

> Debian PHP PECL Maintainers <pkg-php-pecl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>    ...
> Horde Maintainers <pkg-horde-hackers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>    ...

I will probably request the (re-)creation of those two mailing lists
unless the team+slug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is ready to use. Raphael, what
is the status of this? Where is the doc?


Mathieu Parent