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Bug#898238: ITP: remarkable-editor -- a fully featured markdown editor

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@xxxxxxxxx>

Package name    : remarkable-editor
Version         : 1.87
Upstream Author : Jamie McGowan <jamiemcgowan.dev@xxxxxxxxx>
URL             : https://remarkableapp.github.io/linux.html
License         : MIT
Programming Lang: Python
Description     : a fully featured markdown editor

Remarkable is a powerful markdown editor.  It is fully featured and
customisable.  Features:
  * Live Preview with Synchronized Scrolling
  * Syntax Highlighting
  * GitHub Flavoured Markdown Support
  * HTML and PDF Export
  * MathJax Support
  * Styles
  * Custom CSS Support
  * Keyboard Shortcuts
  [* MoinMoin Flavoured Markdown Support -- my wishlist]
  [* Can directly edit the Debian wiki -- my wishlist]

I have asked upstream if they would consider adding MoinMoin-style
markdown support, because I'm a Debian wiki contributors who really
doesn't like working in a web-browser.  I also wonder how hard it
would be extend this editor to directly interface with MoinMoin's RPC.
I do not yet use this package, and this ITP is contingent on having
MoinMoin support.  Also, my ITP for moinmoin-mode.el (an Emacs mode)
has stalled while waiting for upstream to declare a license, and so I
am considering this software as a more-accessible-to-all alternative.

I am open to sharing maintenance with someone else, particularly if
he/she is motivated to work on MoinMoin support.  Team maintenance on
the appropriate team would definitely be a plus :-) I will need a

Dear Steve, I've CCed you to get your opinion on this package, and to
ask what team you think would be most appropriate for team
maintenance.  Feel free to NACK the proposals :-) Also, if you know of
a more appropriate base application for the possibility of MoinMoin
RPC integration, please let me know which one.  Given that editmoin
exists in the archive, I've been assuming that RPC integration is
possible, but please clarify if this is not the case for Debian's wiki
(eg: due to security reasons).