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Re: RFR: email about regressions [was: Dealing with ci.d.n for package regressions]

Hi Chris,

On 08-05-18 08:04, Chris Lamb wrote:
>>> Beyond that, I'd love to see some parsable X-Foo: headers. I
>>> find these very helpful in the BTS's mails to reliably file things
>>> in my email setup.
>> Can you elaborate, do you mean in the boilerplate or in my e-mail?
> Not sure what you mean by "in my e-mail". As I understand it, you
> were proposing a text for some automated emails to be sent out. I am
> requesting some kind of parsable email headers for these automated
> messages. :)

I was wondering if you want headers to the e-mail I will send out. I
guess this is what you want, so, can you do a proposal (I have never
really worked with those, so I don't have much inspiration and I don't
really see what you want to achieve).

In the e-mail I also provide a boiler plate for forwarding the e-mail to
the BTS. You could also have meant that you wanted headers there. I
guess that is not what you meant.


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