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Re: uploaded but not processed


On 06/05/18 17:12, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> To expand on what this means:
> On Sun, May 06, 2018 at 12:24:53PM +0100, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
>> You can log in to mirror.ftp-master.debian.org (currently coccia.d.o)
>> and check /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/log/current , which will indeed
>> reveal the issue you suspect:
>> 20180506110423|process-upload|dak|mpfrc++_3.6.5+ds-3_source.changes|Error while loading changes: No valid signature found. (GPG exited with status code 0)
>> gpg: Signature made Sat May  5 13:12:42 2018 UTC
>> gpg:                using RSA key AE28AE15710DFF1D87E5A7623F9219A67F36C68B
>> gpg:                issuer "calculus@xxxxxxxxxxx"
>> gpg: Good signature from "Jerome Benoit <calculus@xxxxxxxxxxx>" [expired]
>> gpg:                 aka "Jerome Benoit <debian@xxxxxxxxxxx>" [expired]
>> gpg: WARNING: Using untrusted key!
> The upload will stay in the queue forever until either the key becomes
> trusted again and so it can be processed (e.g. you push an update the

What do you mean by `you push an update' ?

> the keyring maintainers push it to the live keyring) or an ftp-master
> manually moves it out of the way.
> The next keyring update will most likely happen in ~3 weeks time.

So I have something as 2 week before me to update my key.

> Note that having somebody else sponsor the same version again now will
> fail (queued will reject it), so in case you'd like to have those
> packages updated within the next 3 weeks you'll need somebody to sponsor
> you an higher version (and then these uploads will be rejected once the
> key is trusted again).


Jerome BENOIT | calculus+at-rezozer^dot*net
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