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[0/2] MBF: Defunct alioth addresses in debian/control

Hello everybody,

as discussed more than two weeks ago (time passes too fast), I intend
to do a mass bug filing (MBF) against packages that use any of those
alioth list addresses in debian/control that were *not* migrated to the
alioth-lists service, and hence are now invalid.

Statistic bit: Of 1047 defunct addresses, 119 are still used.

While preparing a MBF against packages that use such address in
Maintainer:, I realized there is a related task for using such an
address in the Uploaders: field. As a result, there are two MBFs. To
hopefully make it less confusing I've separated them into the two
following mails. Please choose the applicable one of the total three to
answer to in the upcoming discussion.

The proposed bug report texts contain variables in the style of
template toolkit/tpage. Their meaning is as follows:

* package:
  The source name of the package
* version:
  The package's version
* alioth_list:
  The now-defunct alioth address
* count:
  Number of source packages in the archive that use the above alioth
  address, in Maintainer: or Uploaders:
* uploaders_list:
  List of addresses found in Uploaders:, minus those that are known to
  be dysfunctional, comma separated.

FWIW: There is no package that falls into both categories although
there used to be one.

Read on ...

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