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Re: Forbidding Firefox addons from testing & stable (was: Firefox 60esr on Stretch ?)

Vincent Bernat wrote:
WebExtensions are backed by a standard draft:
https://browserext.github.io/browserext/. So, situation is expected to
improve in the future.
Mozilla have explicitly said that "Extensions created with the new standard[...]won’t break in new Firefox releases." [0]

It has previously been permitted to update Firefox extensions to a new upstream version in stable when a Firefox update requires this (e.g. #826896). Are you proposing to prohibit this, or observing that it doesn't always happen?

15 of 82 xul-ext-* packages have updated to a new upstream in stable at least once in either wheezy, jessie or stretch; I don't know whether the others didn't need to or or are/were broken.

Of the 7 I checked (the Debian-specific one plus ones I'd heard of, so probably above average), 1 (pdf.js) is now part of the browser, and the other 6 all support WebExtensions upstream. Of their Debian packages:
- 1 has migrated to webext-* (https-everywhere)
- 3 have unanswered open requests to do so (adblock-plus #889712, noscript #882287, greasemonkey #895315)
- 2 don't mention it in the BTS (ublock-origin, debianbuttons)

This 1 is the only webext-* package that replaces a xul-ext-*; the other 4 such packages appear to be newly packaged extensions.

[0] https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-add-technology-modernizing