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Re: Firefox 60esr on Stretch ?

On 2018-05-04 23:22, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> W. Martin Borgert <debacle@xxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
> > If a software is not in Debian, I just don't use it.
> Your call. Don't use the extensions, then.

Alternatively: Do what is possible for me, to keep the software
I like to use in Debian. (It's the same with Python modules: I
don't use pip, but package them.)

Using browser extensions from some untrusted third party without 
any idea whether they comply with the rules of my OS (e.g. DFSG)
is not a tempting idea for me.

> > Why? We have now a huge breakage for all XUL extensions, but
> > were there problems of a similar scale before? Do we have to
> > expect similar breakages in the future with the new API?
> Sure, plenty of addons needed updates to remain compatible
> with later Firefox (ESR) releases in the past. This model
> is broken for many years already, totally independant of
> the switch to web extensions.

There is no (huge) problem, if an extension needs an update.
We can update it then. The switch from XUL to WebExtension
is an exception, because some extensions break completely
(= for ever). I don't think, this will happen again soon.