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Forbidding Firefox addons from testing & stable (was: Firefox 60esr on Stretch ?)


On Fri, May 04 2018, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:

> Same as all previous extension breakages incurred by ESR transitions;
> not at all. Apart from enigmail those are all not updated along in
> stable, this doesn't scale at all. If you want your extensions to be
> kept compatible, get them from the Mozilla addons page like every
> other Firefox/Thunderbird user.
> We should make it easy for administrators of bigger desktop
> deployments to easily create debs for local deployments, but keeping
> all those extensions in a stable release is just broken and we should
> block them from testing migration.

Is there a precedent for declaring a whole class of packages RC-buggy,
yet continuing to offer them in the unstable and experimental suites
(that it what we would need in order to make it easy for administrators
to create those debs: we'd need to be actively using the tooling

In this case, I take it the point is that the special exception for
updating src:firefox-esr in stable justifies excluding packages that
effectively depend on specific versions of firefox-esr.

The only case I know of a package that will never migrate to testing,
but isn't RMed, is a single package, src:firefox.

It would also be good to know what the Release Team think of Moritz's
proposal, since they have authority over what goes into testing.

Sean Whitton

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