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Re: Firefox 60esr on Stretch ?

On 2018-05-04 21:12, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> Same as all previous extension breakages incurred by ESR transitions;
> not at all. Apart from enigmail those are all not updated along
> in stable, this doesn't scale at all. If you want your extensions
> to be kept compatible, get them from the Mozilla addons page
> like every other Firefox/Thunderbird user.

This is not something I would consider.
If a software is not in Debian, I just don't use it.
(Or only with the objective to bring it into Debian.)
> We should make it easy for administrators of bigger desktop
> deployments to easily create debs for local deployments, but
> keeping all those extensions in a stable release is just
> broken and we should block them from testing migration.

Why? We have now a huge breakage for all XUL extensions, but
were there problems of a similar scale before? Do we have to
expect similar breakages in the future with the new API?