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Re: Firefox 60esr on Stretch ?


Am 04.05.18 um 18:38 schrieb The Wanderer:
>> I guess so, yes. There's not much we can do if there is no support
>> for newer versions.
> Though please do take note of other applications which may still work
> with them.
> Even leaving other Mozilla-based browsers aside, ISTR there being (or
> having been?) some extensions which would work just fine in both Firefox
> and Thunderbird, and since Thunderbird is retaining XUL support - at
> least for now - there may be some value in retaining such "overlap"
> extensions for people who use them there.

well, there is some support for legacy extensions in Thunderbird > 57.0
<= 60.x. But, the authors of such plugins need to make some adjustments
within their AddOns to get them work with the upcoming TB ESR 60.x


My experience right now is this is simply not happen for a significant
amount of Thunderbird AddOns, all my extensions I normally want to use
do not work with TB 60. So it will be a long road to walk.

For Thunderbird there are probably more problems to fix. The old way of
packaging XUL based extensions into /u/s/xul-ext/$extension isn't
working out of the box anymore and I've no idea why nor had I time to
take a deeper look at this issue. I can't speak for Firefox but I expect
a similar situation here. The last FF version in Debian right now is
59.0.2. Maybe Mike can say something on this.

We will also need to fix some build issues before any version uploaded
to unstable can enter testing.