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Re: Dealing with ci.d.n for package regressions

Hi Ian,

On 03-05-18 14:12, Ian Jackson wrote:

Skipped two point that Niels already covered.

> 3. "Required age increased by 10 days because of autopkgtest"
> seems to appear when either (i) when there are tests that should be
> run but which haven't completed and (ii) when some tests newly failed ?
> I wasn't able to see any examples of the latter.

I gave an example link to python3.6 which worked at the time of writing,
but of course (that how it goes) changed by an new upload. python2.7
seems to show one: libgnatcoll (bug filed: 895235)

> 4. Can we have a way to trigger tests from updates of non-direct
> rdepends ?  At some point in the future maybe we will run tests of
> whole batches of updates and then have some algorithm to chop out
> what the failures are caused by, but for now it would be useful to
> be able to declare a specific indirect dependency for test trigger.
> Maybe an XS- header field ?

Just add it as a test dependency in one of your tests?

> 5. AIUI there is no automatic way for the maintainers of the
> rdependency to be notified of a test failure which is blocking
> migration of one of their dependencies.  Is that right ?  The result
> is probably that if the maintainers of the dependency don't follow it
> up, the regression will migrate and the rdepenency maintainers will be
> left to fix it up.

No, it's all manual and currently I am doing most triaging (bunk and
ginggs have contributed multiple bugs as well). The last couple of weeks
I was able to file most bugs before the short expiry of 5 days, now with
15 days the task gets easier. If error messages and output are clean,
this isn't so difficult. However, quite often output is hopeless for a
bystander and difficult to judge the root cause and the severity. I hope
we can improve this in the future by pointing people to the right tools
(do they exist (for all languages)?) such that output gets standardized
a bit more than currently.

> 6. This is really one for the wider project: as the blocking time
> increases, we are going to want some more relaxed rules for NMUing one
> of your rdependencies.  (Right now that would be pointless since you'd
> upload it to DELAYED/10 and it would hardly migrate before your own
> timeout anyway.)



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