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Re: filing bug reports for GCC 8 build failures


FTBFS bugs haveveen filed for packages that fail under gcc8.

Unfortunately that includes fortran packages: gfortran 8 has changed its
mod file format again, so all packages depending on other fortran libs
will fail until all are rebuilt under gfortran 8 as the default compiler.

Can we downgrade these to important, and plan the gfortran transition

In a related development, i've uploaded dh-fortran-mod, originally
written by Sébastien Villemot. This is a debhelper extension to track
fortran mod file versions (making upgrades easier) and installations. It
would be good to use this if possible.

Assuming its accepted (its only been in the NEW queue 2 days), I will
submit patches to the appropriate Fortran packages (~15-20 the last time
I checked).



On 29/04/2018 01:46, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm intending to update binutils to 2.31 and GCC to 2.8.x for the buster
> release.  binutils 2.31 has an upstream release date around Agust 2018, and GCC
> 8 will be released next week (already available in unstable).  It's usually this
> time when I start filing bug reports for packages which don't build with the
> next GCC version.  Unfortunately we cannot have a full test rebuild of Debian
> unstable, and Debian unstable built with GCC 8. I would appreciate such a test
> rebuild in Debian, however if that cannot be done, I'd like to file bug reports
> using a test rebuild done for Ubuntu.  I realize that this is not an ideal
> situation, however it would give maintainers a hint about upcoming issues.
> These bug reports would be severity important, and not blocking any package
> transitions.
> The Ubuntu test rebuild using GCC 8 can be seen at
> http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/rebuilds/test-rebuild-20180408-gcc8-bionic.html
> Matthias
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