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Re: autopkgtest results influencing migration from unstable to testing


Thanks for the work on this; it will make things on (at minimum) the
Ubuntu side of things much, much better and will hopefully ensure higher
quality Debian packages.

On 05/02/2018 04:09 PM, Paul Gevers wrote:
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> For several years already, maintainers can add autopkgtest test cases to
> their packages, which are then run on the continuous integration
> platform on ci.debian.net [ci]. debci, the framework that runs that site
> has recently been enhanced to test individual packages from unstable in
> testing. We have enabled logic in britney to talk to debci to trigger
> tests for packages that are candidate for migration from unstable to
> testing and use the results to influence the required age in unstable
> before the package can migrate to testing. The idea is that a package
> that is candidate for migration is updated in testing to its candidate
> version and that the autopkgtest case(s) of the package *and* those of
> all reverse dependencies are run. Regression in the results with respect
> to the current situation in testing will *add* to the required time a
> package needs to be in unstable (via the age policy). This extra time
> can then be used to investigate the situation and file proper bugs to
> the appropriate package(s), if there is a bug somewhere. On the
> other hand, if a package has (a) successful autopkgtest(s) and no
> regression otherwise, it will be rewarded with a reduced required age.
> Information on what happens is added to the excuses [excuses].

What are the added delays as of today, and is this effective immediately?

> It is the intention that in the (far) future regressions will become
> blocking for migration, but until then the added age will probably be
> raised over time as a semi-block.

What is the reasoning for not making these blocking sooner? In my honest
opinion, passing autopkgtests should be a release migration requirement,
and not just with my Ubuntu hat on (because it has a correlation to
higher quality packages).

Simon Quigley
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