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Re: source packing source code

Aaron Gray writes ("source packing source code"):
> Where do I find the .deb source packaging source code for packlages ? I does
> not seem to be in your sources.

I think you probably want my tool `dgit', which will provide the
ready-to-build source code for every package in git form (although the
history is not always particularly useful).


(You will probably in general want dgit from Debian backports,
https://backports.debian.org/ )

> I need to update some packages to latest
> releease.

If you do not need to make a new pretty Debian source packckage, but
just want to build the new version, and the maintainer helpfully
published their history with dgit and included the upstream git
history, you may be able to simply "git merge" the upstream.

Other situations may be more complicated, depending on the approach
taken by the maintainers of the package.  Often you will need to
manually copy across the contents of debian/, and/or `git rebase' a
queue of commits representing Debian's changes to the package.

If you are a git expert you may be able to figure out what to do by
looking at the result of `dgit clone' and guessing.  Good luck.

I am working to improve this situation but it will be a while (and of
course my plans depend on adoption by Debian maintainers).

> Is this done by bhand on packages by bespoke or is there a build
> systemn that will deal with separate GNU autoconf/make packages ?

I don't understand this question but hopefully some of the information
I have already given is helpful.  The dgit-user(7) manpage I refer to
above has instructions for building the .debs, given the Debian source


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