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Re: source packing source code

On Tue, May 01, 2018 at 11:10:15AM +0100, Aaron Gray wrote:
> Where do I find the .deb source packaging source code for packlages ?
Source packages don't have a .deb extension nor are they one file per
package, but you can find them in the apt repo, if you add a deb-src line
mirroring your deb line.

> I need to update some packages to latest releease. Is this done by bhand
> on packages by bespoke or is there a build systemn that will deal with
> separate GNU autoconf/make packages ?
It's not clear what are you asking. Usually updating a package to a new
upstream release is done by replacing the upstream tarball and adapting
the packaging files and this requires at least some knowledge of the
Debian packaging process. if you are using stable you should look at the
backports first. Also, installing a package from unstable manually (not
with apt) or rebuilding it locally should be easier than updating the
source package.


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