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Re: what do people feel think of changing the configuration file path from ~/.aptitude/config to ~/.config/aptitude


> As far as 'not getting immediately my way'  the immediacy would have
> been if I had filed a bug yesterday and bugged today, then your
> statement would have been valid.

It is true that there has been no activity on #894332 for a few
weeks but I am unsure what you intended to productively achieve by
cross-posting this issue to debian-devel and Reddit.

A quick glance through the wishlist bug in question suggests to me
that the risk/reward of making such a change is unlikely to feature
highly in list of priorities. Drumming up "+1s" elsewhere in the
project is unlikely to alter this nor endear your request to the
aptitude maintainers.

As implied in my original reply, a general discussion regarding a
distribution-wide move to XDG ~/.config directories might be
suitable for -devel, but any further discussion about the aptitude-
specific case should be taken to #894332.

Not only would this prevent the conversation being fragmented
between the three locations, it would also appear to assist in the
"high-volume nature" of this mailing list that you find problematic.


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