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Re: what do people feel think of changing the configuration file path from ~/.aptitude/config to ~/.config/aptitude

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On 29/04/2018, Chris Lamb <lamby@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Shirish,


>> Had already done it, see #894332 ,  But don't think it's not going to
>> go anywhere from the last two times :( as it seems the effort to do it
>> is not the worth the effort as shared by the maintainer.
>> At least I tried, well guess just will have to learn to live with it.
> Thank you for linking the bug.
> Not speaking to this case specifically, but in general I would try
> to convince maintainers with some combination of irrefutable
> argument and well-tested patches (combined with a friendly demeanour
> and a rhethorical flourish) rather than try and summon the "mob" from
> debian-devel if I didn't immediately get my way.  ;)

The irrefutable argument is that most packages seem to think it's a
good and convenient way to do things and it does simplify things quite
a lot.

I didn't hear from the maintainers anything untoward except that it
would have breakage and probably needs fixing at various places.

I am at a loss as I'm not a coder but am open to testing any patches
and report any breakages if somebody can step up to do the same. I
have done that in the past


where I was able to connect with the maintainer and we did couple of
rounds of testing before he got it right and was able to put it up on

As far as 'not getting immediately my way'  the immediacy would have
been if I had filed a bug yesterday and bugged today, then your
statement would have been valid.

But couple of years is not immediate as Axel shared in the bug, if
memory serves me right, this was around October/November 2016

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