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filing bug reports for GCC 8 build failures


I'm intending to update binutils to 2.31 and GCC to 2.8.x for the buster
release.  binutils 2.31 has an upstream release date around Agust 2018, and GCC
8 will be released next week (already available in unstable).  It's usually this
time when I start filing bug reports for packages which don't build with the
next GCC version.  Unfortunately we cannot have a full test rebuild of Debian
unstable, and Debian unstable built with GCC 8. I would appreciate such a test
rebuild in Debian, however if that cannot be done, I'd like to file bug reports
using a test rebuild done for Ubuntu.  I realize that this is not an ideal
situation, however it would give maintainers a hint about upcoming issues.
These bug reports would be severity important, and not blocking any package

The Ubuntu test rebuild using GCC 8 can be seen at