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Re: RFC: Support for zstd in .deb packages?


On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 07:02:12AM +0200, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Recently Julian mentioned it again on IRC, and we each started
> implementing support in dpkg and apt respectively, to allow easier
> evaluation. I stopped when I realized the code was getting too messy,
> but after few weeks Julian and Bálint Réczey ended up implementing
> the support for apt and dpkg [D], so that they could merge it in
> Ubuntu for their upcoming release, which they did.
> Their main driving reason (AFAICT) has been (de)compression speed.

With default level:

	comp	decomp	size
xz	8.038s	0.356s	4320292
bz2	2.265s	0.730s	5234516
zst	0.274s	0.102s	5657626
gz	0.880s	0.152s	6515505
Z	0.499s	0.133s	8932459
lzo	0.100s	0.095s	9198874

_Compression_ speed is insane; decompression is merely nice.  Obviously,
tuneable level turns this single point into an envelope, but even xz at its
lowest levels can be multiple times faster than gzip while delivering better

> * Implementation size: The shared library and its package are quite
>   fatter than any of the other compressors dpkg uses.
> * Eternity contract: This would add yet another format that would need
>   to be supported pretty much forever, to be able to at least unpack
>   .deb's that might be available in the wild. This also increases the
>   (Build-)Essential-set.

> I'm still quite skeptical about it being worth it though, given the costs
> implied (f.ex. [S]). That it trades space for speed, which could perhaps
> improve use-cases like CI or buildds

As the guy who did most of testing of Nick Terrell's work in btrfs,
implemented support in tar (accepted upstream, #894065[1]), mc (ditto),
wages a propaganda campaign for zstd for vmlinuz+initrd, and is an obnoxious
fanboy of zstd in a bunch of other places, I'd say:

Don't.  For .debs, that is.

A .deb that is getting processed goes through dpkg, whose status files
writes and all those fsyncs are so slow that it's pointless to optimize
every last bit of decompression.  If someone already goes as far as
recompressing packages, we got two fine choices: "xz -0" and "none"; the
former being faster than gzip while compressing better, and the latter being
as fast as cat.  You don't get any further than cat on the size-vs-speed

On the other hand, adding .tar.zst [2] would be a much welcome addition for
files referenced from .dsc.  A machine that installs dpkg-dev has enough
storage that a half-MB library is beneath any notice, and zstd is a fine
replacement for gzip and the likes.

You'd also want to look into getting rid of bzip2 and gzip.  The former is a
low-flying fruit: binNMUing remaining packages would allow retiring bzip2
support in buster+3 or so[3], gzip is probably forever.


[1]. Bdale, you know you want to take it, pretty please with a cherry on
top. :)

[2]. Somehow, someone stolen the 'd'.  I'd look at "umount", the culprit
might be the same.

[3]. Or possibly fork+exec("bzip2") for historic .debs, failing with an
error message if not installed.
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