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RFC: Support for zstd in .deb packages?


In 2016 Paul Wise mentioned the Zstandard compressor on IRC [Z],
and I briefly checked it out as a potential candidate for dpkg
(while also mentioning it to Julian Andres Klode who was considering
adding lz4 support to apt). At the time it looked like it was not
worth it (apt went with lz4), so it got parked.

Recently Julian mentioned it again on IRC, and we each started
implementing support in dpkg and apt respectively, to allow easier
evaluation. I stopped when I realized the code was getting too messy,
but after few weeks Julian and Bálint Réczey ended up implementing
the support for apt and dpkg [D], so that they could merge it in
Ubuntu for their upcoming release, which they did.

Their main driving reason (AFAICT) has been (de)compression speed.

The following is a quick run-down of the items from [F], not all
being important from Debian's perspective, but being for dpkg's:

* License: Permissive (dual BSD + GPL-2), which makes universal
  availability possible.
* Portability: The code seems portable, and it's available on some
  non-Linux systems.
* Availability: I don't think it's as common as gzip/bzip2/xz are now,
  say on non-Linux systems, perhaps not even on Linux distros.
* Implementation size: The shared library and its package are quite
  fatter than any of the other compressors dpkg uses.
* Eternity contract: This would add yet another format that would need
  to be supported pretty much forever, to be able to at least unpack
  .deb's that might be available in the wild. This also increases the
* Format stability: Although it's supposedly frozen now, it has
  changed quite often in recent times. AFAIR it was also mentioned at
  least in the past that the target was mainly real-time data streaming,
  so long-term data storage might not be a priority? Would need
  clarification from upstream I guess.
* Memory usage: Seemed equivalent or less to current compressors, but
  only as long as equal or less space was desired.
* Space usage: Seemed worse.
* (De)compression speed: Seemed better (compared only to the existing
  supported formats) depending on the compression level used.

I'm still quite skeptical about it being worth it though, given the costs
implied (f.ex. [S]). That it trades space for speed, which could perhaps
improve use-cases like CI or buildds, or rolling distribution users, but
that still varies depending on the network speed, fsys/disk speed, etc,
which might not be an universal improver (to get there we might need to
tie this to delta debs, which would benefit xz too). It makes CD/DVD/BD
images and the archive in general larger. It's not the fastest, and it
doesn't have the highest compression ratio either; if we'd want way
faster (de)compression I think we'd still be better off with something
like lz4 anyway? And that most of the assumed benefits would only be
gained if we switched to it as the new default compressor, which would
require project-wide consensus. As a replacement for gzip, it would
definitely make sense, but otherwise I'm not sure I see it.

An area where there's still room for improvement with xz f.ex. when it
comes to decompression speed, is lack of multi-threaded support, as
liblzma currently only supports it for compression.

In any case, I've CCed both Julian and Bálint, so that they can fill
in with more details and numbers from what they have been trying out.

But in any case, I'm still open to data and opinions given that this
is in the end a matter of trade-offs, so → request for comments. :)

(And BTW I do not consider the current support in Ubuntu a deciding
factor in any way, while it could perhaps fragment the .deb ecosystem,
that's something for them to deal with IMO; should really start adding
the vendor to the generated .deb's. :)


[Z] <https://code.facebook.com/posts/1658392934479273/smaller-and-faster-data-compression-with-zstandard/>
[F] <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/FAQ#Q:_Can_we_add_support_for_new_compressors_for_.deb_packages.3F>
[D] <https://bugs.debian.org/892664>
[S] <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/DebSupport>