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Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules

On 04/25/2018 01:30 PM, The Wanderer wrote:
> The simple, obvious means of installing Python in Debian - either
> manually, or as a dependency of another package - is via the package
> named 'python'. At present, in current testing, doing this will pull in
> python2.7 and will not (as far as I can see) pull in anything named
> python3*.

It just happen to be the case that the Python 2 package is named
"python", when really, it should have been called "python2".

Just like python-foo is the Python 2 module package for the "foo"
module, and probably it would have been better called "python2-foo".

That's probably unfortunate naming, but never the less, there's still no
such thing as the "default python interpreter" package in Debian, our
users still have to manually choose between 2 and 3.

> That is enough to qualify Python 2 as "the Python which will be present
> in a default install of Python on Debian", and therefore as "Debian's
> default version of Python".

No ! See above.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)