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Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules

On 24.04.2018 07:37, Niels Thykier wrote:
> Thomas Goirand:
>> [...]
>>> I'm generally in favor of getting rid of old stuff, but python2 isn't
>>> there yet.
>> Right. But I do believe we need to be very careful to not send a wrong
>> message to our users. Debian deprecating Python 2 is good. A strong,
>> bold deprecation message is needed, even if we want to continue
>> supporting Python 2 for a bit more.
> Reminder: The release-notes does have a section for "deprecations" (Note
> as I recall, it was empty for stretch, so it is probably not visible there).
> If there is consensus that buster is the last release to support
> python2, then we can document it in the release-notes.

if that's possible, fine.  otoh, I would be fine to have a very reduced set of
python2 apps in buster+1, if that's needed.  Sure we can remove mercurial and
OpenStack if they are not ready for Python3, but I'd like to avoid that.  It
doesn't mean that we should any old, upstream unmaintained Python2 dependent