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Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules

On 04/23/2018 01:41 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Chris Lamb writes ("Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules"):
>> Hi Julien,
>>> I found strange to put an override for this so I didn't.
>> I'm afraid I'm struggling to see Lintian could be any clearer
>> here:
>> N:    If upstream have not moved or have no intention to move to Python 3,
>> N:    please be certain that Debian would benefit from the inclusion,
>> N:    continued maintenance burden and (eventual) removal of this package
>> N:    before you upload.
>> […]
>> N:    Please do not override this warning; rather, add a justification to your
>> N:    changelog entry; Lintian looks in this version's changelog entry for the
>> N:    specified package name or the phrase "Python 2 version" or similar.
>> This is not asking anyone to remove anything from the archive,
>> merely to double-check whether the addition of new Python 2.x
>> packages is required.
>> (If they are, so be it; add the rationale to the changelog and
>> upload away.)
> Given that Python 2 will be fully supported in buster, I think even
> this is too strong.
> Can lintian tell whether there is a Python 3 module too ?  If so then
> I think a better criterion for warning would be "there is no Python 3
> module".

IMO, we're here thinking one release too late. This was ok to think this
way before releasing Stretch. I still remember that when we discussed
the state of Py3 for Stretch, we decided that it'd be ok to keep Python
2 for it. But that for Buster, we'd get rid of it. The more time passes,
the more I see we're heading directly for the wall.

This cannot go on, and on, and on, and on... We have to send a clear
message on the right direction, which is Python 2 removal. Yes, removal!
Why are we even discussing this? Isn't it obvious?

Python 3 was released the 3rd of December 2008. 2020 is 12 years later.
How many more years does one think we need until we send the message
that yes, we should port our app/module to Python 3? Sorry, but legacy
*must* die, as it doesn't have upstream support.

To everyone that is vouching for more Python 2, are you volunteering for
helping maintaining the Python 2 interpreter in Debian? It's not going
to be trivial to maintain it 5 years after upstream stops...


Thomas Goirand (zigo)