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Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules

Dear -devel,

> N:    Please do not override this warning; rather, add a justification to your
> N:    changelog entry; Lintian looks in this version's changelog entry for the
> N:    specified package name or the phrase "Python 2 version" or similar.

> I'm also struggling with how to rephrase this, though I'm thinking that
> maybe the 2nd paragraph should simply go away, as overriding these lintian
> warning at this point in time seems like the right thing to do.
> (Which then in conclusion makes me think that this whole warning
> shouldnt be a warning but rather a pedantic info right now, because this
> will save affected maintainers from adding the override now and removing
> it once Buster has been released.)

There are a number of Lintian tags around Python 2.x support and I
believe we are conflating them in this discussion.

For example, I think Holger is interpreting this particular tag as
"this source package is shipping a Python 2.x" module. This is not
the case. 

Rather, Lintian detects that this is the *initial* upload of the
source package and, if so, asks the maintainer just to double-check
that there is any requirement for it.

If there is such a need, the maintainer just needs to add a short,
quick justification in the initial changelog entry and Lintian will
then be silent on the matter.

It is thus not asking maintainers to drop Python 2 support…

As there can only be one initial upload by definition, adding an
override here is not only a little silly given that it will trigger
an "unused override" warning on the next upload, it can simply be
avoided in the changelog entry as previously discussed, which 
implicitly serves as some documentation too.

(This talk of overrides was why I believe Holger is accidentally
confusing the tag.)


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby@xxxxxxxxxx / chris-lamb.co.uk