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Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules

Helmut Grohne writes ("Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules"):
> I actually face the issue you are trying to exclude here. You likely
> know that I work on making packages cross-buildable and I do not stop at
> python extensions. As it happens, cross building extensions tends to
> work for Python 3, but not for Python 2 these days. Now I am faced with
> a choice:
>  * Ask for removing Python 2 extensions to make packages cross
>    buildable.
>  * Produce patches for the deprecated Python 2 and ask the Python
>    maintainer to take them while knowing that they cannot be upstreamed.
>  * Insert a new nopython2 build profile to allow building without Python
>    2.
>  * Wait for the problem to solve itself after buster.
> I tend to use the last option, but the pile is ever increasing. What do
> you suggest here?

I would do (2), assuming the patches are small.  The effort of
carrying a patch is much reduced if there is no upstream who are
constantly releasing new versions for us to rebase our patch onto.

But I appreciate that (4) looks attractive.

> So yes, not dropping Python 2 extensions makes my work harder and yes, I
> am in favour of keeping them for buster anyway.

Thanks for this excellent attitude.  I do appreciate you doing this
work to benefit others, even though it is an inconvenience to your own


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