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Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules

Chris Lamb writes ("Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules"):
> Hi Julien,
> > I found strange to put an override for this so I didn't.
> I'm afraid I'm struggling to see Lintian could be any clearer
> here:
> N:    If upstream have not moved or have no intention to move to Python 3,
> N:    please be certain that Debian would benefit from the inclusion,
> N:    continued maintenance burden and (eventual) removal of this package
> N:    before you upload.
> […]
> N:    Please do not override this warning; rather, add a justification to your
> N:    changelog entry; Lintian looks in this version's changelog entry for the
> N:    specified package name or the phrase "Python 2 version" or similar.
> This is not asking anyone to remove anything from the archive,
> merely to double-check whether the addition of new Python 2.x
> packages is required.
> (If they are, so be it; add the rationale to the changelog and
> upload away.)

Given that Python 2 will be fully supported in buster, I think even
this is too strong.

Can lintian tell whether there is a Python 3 module too ?  If so then
I think a better criterion for warning would be "there is no Python 3