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Re: Please do not drop Python 2 modules

Le 04/21/18 à 20:04, Chris Lamb a écrit :
> Adrian Bunk wrote:
>> The tip of the iceberg are some recent cases where Python 2 modules
>> were dropped that still had reverse dependencies in unstable
> I suspect developers may be reading too much into Lintian output,
> reading them as "Please remove your Python 2.x module".
> The motivating behind these tags were to prevent new Python 2.x
> packages being added to the archive (due to habit if anything
> else!) unless they were needed or requested, of course.

A lintian warning is even a reason for REJECT. "I" (my mentor) uploaded a new source package "zodbpickle" 5 weeks ago and I wonder if it's stuck because of this. I found strange to put an override for this so I didn't.

The ITP contains a link to an email where I explain why it is needed:
(to sum up: required dependency in order to package a new version of ZODB with support for Python 3)

But I don't want to drop the Python 2 module of ZODB. That's what I only use for the moment.

(Actually, I read all the recent discussions about NEW closely: it's quite frustrating that all the work for #783377 was roughly done 2 years ago, and after difficulties at getting sponsored, I may now be blocked by this warning.)