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Re: multiple ITPs - mbrola voices

Hi Jeremy et al.,

> It might be a bit late to try to change the source packaging for
> all of that.

Oh, I don't know it's ever to late to improve something :)

Let me play devil's advocate for a second…  Whilst I would agree
that uploading a package containing all the existing ones for an
addition might potentially be wasteful of mirror bandwidth, rsync &
friends would surely be clever enough to notice the the existing
tarballs were somewhat similar…

Moreover, human time and attention is orders of magnitude more costly
than bandwidth and, for example, a packaging bug in any individual
package is likely to be simply a bug in all them, and thus would
require tedious and error-prone duplication of effort to address across
50-odd packages.

Perhaps you have already encountered a sampling of that with the
handling these 31 ITPs, or even with quotidien tasks like updating
Standards-Version of the existing packages.

Providing cross-source scripts to automate such things, whilst
obviously possible, regrettably makes poor trade-offs IMHO in terms
of maintainability and unnecessarily increases the "bus factor" [0]
of the packaging, discouraging contributions.

And lastly, this is before we consider the aesthetic implications
on the source package namespace.  (ie. it's ugly as hell.)

Please re-consider? :)

  [0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor


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