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Questionable mass bug filling

Hi Helmut,

You've filled a large number of bugs against some of the packages I
maintain. Thanks for this effort.

However, I haven't seen a message from you sent to debian-devel. Did I
miss it, or were you unaware that this is mandatory before such mass

Also, some of the bugs are questionable at least. While yes, the python
modules can't be imported, it doesn't seem it's been done in the context
of actually using the Python module. For example, importing a sphinx
plugin python module without having sphinx being installed is kind of a
useless test. In reality, you wouldn't do that, you'd just invoke sphinx.

Last, a single bug per source package would have been enough. No need
for filling twice, once for Python 2 and once for Python 3.

Hoping this will help improving your future contributions in the BTS,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)