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Re: multiple ITPs - mbrola voices


Chris Lamb, le sam. 21 avril 2018 09:02:44 +0100, a ecrit:
> Anyway, did you consider using dpkg's support for multiple source
> tarballs?

Yes.  The thing is: I don't expect many updates (if any) of the
existing packages: since they basically ship a couple of files in
well-established places, I don't expect to make changes in the future
for policy updates.  I have done one update right now because a new
upstream source has rearranged the file names and perms etc. which does
fix some things, but I don't expect to see further changes in, say, the
dozen years to come :)

I do however expect to see additions of new voices in the coming years,
and reuploading a huge package containing all the previously-uploaded
voices just for the addition seems a very big waste of bandwidth and
disk for little reason.