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Re: Comma in Maintainer field

Russ Allbery writes ("Re: Comma in Maintainer field"):
> I am opposed to this on the grounds that there are two types of RFC822
> parsers in the world: correct ones that will drive you insane if you
> attempt to understand them, and incorrect ones.  Nearly all of them are in
> the latter bucket.
> Full RFC822 is incredibly complicated and way, way beyond any tool that we
> currently use for Debian packages.

That doesn't matter because we can use an existing one.  Basically
every programming language has a plausible library for this nowadays.

Bear in mind that you do not need to parse the field to compare for
equality, to search for it, or to send it email.

> > We can expect any program which wants to split it into separate
> > recipients to have a full-on email header parser.
> I don't think this assumption is at all justified given the number of
> tools in Debian that need to parse the Maintainer field for various
> purposes (tracker.debian.org, dd-list, etc.).

It's just a question of `import mail.headers' or whatever.


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