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Re: More expressive Multi-Arch field

Hello Lumin,

On Wed, 18 Apr 2018, Lumin wrote:
> Compared to "same"/"foreign", the idea above provides a more
> expressive and self-doc'd Multi-Arch field.
> Your opinion?

I think that you have no idea of the amount of energy and discussion that
went into Multi-Arch. While your proposed wording is nice, it fails to
achieve the core goal of the field: express what kind of
(cross-architectures) dependencies are allowed on the given package.

And if you manage to remember that, it will be much easier to remember
the meaning of the value:
"same" -> only packages of the same architecture can depend on it
"foreign" -> packages of different ("foreign") architectures can depend on it
"allowed" -> a bit of both depending on the annotation of the dependency
(":any" -> allowed, otherwise not allowed).

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